Logistics executive professional training program

IPA Cross-border Co-operation Programme
Hungary - Serbia

With gradual integration of Europe business and trade relations have become more and more unified, too. The trade and transport activities are characterized by interdependence. The development of logistics means break out opportunity for both side of the
Hungarian-Serbian border, as it represents an important node and distribution center in the heart of Europe. On the other hand, the content, quality, level of the logistics education are below the needs of labor-market. In Hungary, there is a strong tradition in training of logistics professions and its putting into practice, but particularly at the Serbian side of the border there is a shortage of skilled professionals
and educational programs. The overall aim of the project is to organize professional education by taking advantage of the region's geo-strategic situation which, beyond the joint education, contributes to development of economic and trade relations as well. The aim of the project is the modernization of logistics executive training system already proven in Hungary, its adaptation to the Serbian terms and
implementation, which leads to stimulation of logistics and other economic activities. The objective of the project is to be achieved through professional competence development of those starting out on a career and the entrepreneurs, in order to increase employment. Development of cross-border Hungarian Serbian logistics curriculum, and then the realization of experimental education with a new learning
material constitutes the backbone of the one-year project. For participants selected from learning group in Serbia it ends with training of trainers. The direct target group of the project is formed of young people, starting out on a career, graduated from high school or university in Csongárd County and North Backa district. The training is essential for the region's economic experts and entrepreneurs, for whom logistics
is an important skill for their work, just like for the active logistics entreprises. The aim of the project is, that due to joint professional training, provide the participants with a high level of knowledge, the same preparation, which leads to the success of their business, as well as to develop fruitful relations with each other through cross-border cooperation. The cross-border impact is strengthen by sharing experience
(best practice) of both countries and the professional and business relationships developed during the project. The partnership formed by the training, also presumes continuous, further cooperation in respect of practicing spaces.