The Association of Professional Organizations Subotica is a voluntary, civil, non-profit, professional, interest, non-party organization that gathers professional and other associations. The Association is based on free association of several private and legal persons, the aim of its foundation was the realization of common and general interests and goals that, are not prohibited by the Constitution or law.
The Association is registered with the authorized body.

The aim of the Association:
- gathering the member organizations of the Associations in order to increase the professional knowledge and provide them with social status, in accordance with their contribution to socio-economic, scientific-technological development of Subotica and the wider region.
The Association's members are professional associations, which represent generally known and recognized professions.
The members of the Association shall not be interest organization or similar civic associations.
- care about The Associacion's assets and properties,
- realization of the program of activities of the member associations and linking the complementary professions, by coordinating the work of the member organizations,
- cooperation with other professional organizations domestically and abroad,
- technical assistance, advisory activities, and organization of various lectures, seminars and similar thematic meetings, which are important in terms of the Association or some member organizations,
- strengthening the Association and its member organizations through editing and publishing scientific and specialist work, journals and similar publications for the Association or certain member organizations,
- other activities and tasks that are important for the Association or the member organizations and which are in accordance with the law and the statute of Association
- the strengthening of civil society, through logistical and other supporting activities for member organizations (ordinary activities, domestic and foreign applications for the financing of Projects).

The stated goals of the Association:
- coordinate the work of the member organizations, develop the joint implementation of program activities of member organizations, in accordance with their statute,
- coordinate the work of organizations and carries out jointly organizational, administrative, professional and other tasks entrusted by the member organizations, in accordance with their statute,
- coordinate the work of member organizations: consulting, guiding and professional assistance in joint administrative and organizational activities, entrusted by the member organizations, in accordance with their statute,
- organize and conduct publishing of books, brochures and other publications,
- organize and carry out publishing of periodicals and other periodical publications,
- cooperate with economic and other organizations, as well as with the higher-level associations of the Association's member organizations,
- establish and maintain contacts with similar international organizations, organize exchange of experts, publications, etc.,
- rent real estate, over which it has the right to use
- rent permises for organizing meetings, training sessions, etc.,
- organize conferences, symposia, exhibitions and similar programs for its member organizations, within the framework of own and its member organizations activities,
- transmit the knowledge and technology transfer process to the Association`s members, as well as in companies and other organizations where members are employed,
- organize trainings outside the regular education system, through specific programs of member associations,
- carry out research and experimental development at the natural and social sciences,
- encourage and facilitate the activities and initiatives related to environmental protection, rational use of all types of energy type and similars,
- active in the professional training of members in order that they successfully overcome the technical, organizational and social tasks in the areas on which the Association's member organizations are active,
- discuss and undertake the measures which will improve working conditions of the member organizations ,
- contacting the appropriate government departments, chambers and other institutions, in order to successfully resolve the issues raised in the activities of the Association`s member organizations,
- assist economic organizations and institutions in its environment in solving problems related to the training of specialists,
- act in order to use of modern technologies,
- protect the interests of member organizations in relations with the users of services,
- promote the application of new technologies, in the field of activity of the Association`s member organizations,
- form interdisciplinary group of experts in order to solve professional problems at the environment,
- marketing activities in accordance with the members' sphere of action,
- planing and consultancy activities in accordance with the members' sphere of action,
- carry out data processing services on its own computer equipment, for own needs and for those clients that are not members of the Association,
- carry out atesting on the areas prescribed by the law within the activities of the Association`s member organizations,
- organize training courses and additional training for professionals,
- follows the calls for project proposals in order to finance the projects of the Association, its member organizations and others,
- prepare the application materials to participate on various calls for project proposals (for the Associations, its member organizations, external customers)
- implementation of proposals in the preceding paragraph
- carry out other tasks, that are related to its objectives and tasks which are entrusted by individual member organizations within their sphere of activity.

The Alliance is organized in 3 sections:
- Administrative, which is managed by the organizing secretary
- Financial, managed by the accountant
- Projects Division, which is controlled by the manager
The departments employ adequate experts (workers) from those areas of activity, for what the department was formed.

The members of the Association are professional organizations acting on the territory of North Backa District and other districts (municipalities and cities).
The professional organizations can have their branches in accordance with their documents.

Members of the Association may be all professional organizations, which accepts the Statute of the Association.
At the entry, the new member by signing the declaration of entry, at the same time signs a declaration to adopt statute and other deeds of the Association, to agree with the method relating to managing the Association's documentation and the way that Association's premises and equipment are used, and agrees with the other important matters concerning the work of the Association.
The Association's members are professional organizations, which represent generally known and recognized professions. The potential member organizations should not apply for membership at the Association before the expiration of 1 year from the date of registration at the authorized body.
The member organizations of the Association can become full members or honorary members.
Members of the Association shall not be interest organizations or similar non-governmental organizations. Decision about entry is taken by the Association`s Executive Board, which informs the President of the Assembly, while the Association`s General Assembly confirms the membership on its first forthcoming meeting. During the recruitment process, the potential member organizations are obliged to enable for the Association`s Executive Board to have access to their deed of foundation, as well as to submit report on their foregoing activities. The Executive Board may reject the application if the potential member organization`s objectives and activities are not consistent with the objectives of the Association.
Membership is available in a way that the legal representative of the professional organization shall sign the entry declaration and submit the Statute of the organization. If necessary, the Association`s Supervisory Commission can be invited to investigate the financial position of the member organization.
The member organization can withdraw from the Association, by passing the exit statement, signed by the legal representative of the organization, while the Association`sGeneral Assembly confirms that on its first forthcoming meeting.

The member organizations of the Association have the following rights and obligations:
- to participate as equal partners in achieving the Association's objectives and tasks,
- to be directly involved in the Assembly's work and decision making,
- to be represented in the Alliance's work through their representative,
- to be informed timely and fully about the Association's work and activities,
- to actively contribute to the realization of the Association's objectives, tasks and activities,
- to submit a report on the activities by 28 February of each year in accordance with the format specified by the Executive Board,
- to participate in the activities and work of the Association in accordance with their interest and opportunities,
- regularly pay the membership fee,
- comply with the decisions, of the 11th article of the Agreement.
- carry out other things accepted for the request of the Association's Executive Board,

The Association's activities are public.
The Executive Board shall ensure that member organizations are regularly informed about Association`s work and activities, directly or through internal publications and issued public statements.

In order to achieve its objectives, the Association shall contact and cooperate with other professional, scientific, educational, ecological, economic, information technology, healthcare, accounting, and similar associations and organizations at home and abroad.
The Association can become a member of international associations, which have the same or similar objectives and working methods like the Association, decision related to this issue is made by the Association`s General Assembly.